Tip Top II: 7 nights - Baltra to Baltra


Departure: Friday

Friday, Day 1

Fly from mainland Ecuador (Quito or Guayaquil) with airline TAME (EQ 193) arriving in Baltra at approximately 12:00 p.m. Your guide conducts you to the bus and after a short 5-kilometer ride to the pier, we board the Yacht without delay. As the crew weigh anchor, we greet you with our first orientation and offer a light snack. After navigating around the Daphne Islets to observe some tropical bird species, we disembark on Playa de Las Bachas, a place where we can appreciate a Flamingo lagoon. During all walks, your guide will be explaining details about the lives of the birds and animals. Optional: time for those who would like to swim and/or snorkel, in the evening we have an orientation about the Galapagos Islands in general: their origin and evolution. Welcome cocktail with the entire crew, and dinner.

Saturday, Day 2

After breakfast, we make a dry landing on Bahia Darwin to walk and observe colonies of birds. Optional: time for those who would like to swim and/or snorkel. We come aboard for a delicious lunch. Later in the afternoon we take a dingy ride and make a dry landing on Barranco, then walk and observe the interesting lives of the birds here. Dinner on the Yacht, and then our orientation about conservation efforts is made to protect the Islands.

Sunday, Day 3

After a delicious breakfast, we make an early wet landing to visit Puerto Egas and walk to grottos where Fur seals live in colonies. Again, we will be observing marine and land birds as we walk. Return to the Yacht for a delicious midday meal. In the afternoon the Yacht sails to the island of Bartolome. At about three in the afternoon we make a dry landing and walk to the top of the island, and return for a dingy ride around the Tower to observe Galapagos penguins. Optional: time for those who would like to swim and/or snorkel. We return to the Yacht for dinner and our nightly orientation about what we have seen and will see the following day

Monday, Day 4

We disembark; board a bus, which takes us to the highlands of Santa Cruz Island for a visit to the native forests, and twin craters. Return to the port for a walk through the little town to appreciate various handicrafts. We return to the Yacht for lunch. In the afternoon we land at the pier of the National Park, for a visit to the Charles Darwin Station and its interpretive center. Dinner. Optional: you may visit the town again at night for dancing and entertainment.

Tuesday, Day 5

After breakfast we

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