Celebrity Xpedition: 7-night itinerary


Departure: Sundays

Sunday: The Enchanting Galapagos. First stop North Seymour
The major attraction here is the colony of Frigate birds, the largest in the Galapagos. The full trail is about 2 kilometers long and passes very close to the colony. Also along the path, there are breeding pairs of Blue-footed Boobies. There are always Iguanas and sea lions present to observe and photograph.

Monday: San Cristobal and Espanola Islands
In the morning, see Kicker Rock. This Island is off the north Shore of San Cristobal Island and it is a massive, angular rocky block, the Galapagos version of Gibraltar. We will bring our Zodiacs down and we will circumnavigate the rock for picture taking. In the afternoon arrive in Espanola Island, a favorite of many visitors. At Suarez Point we will observe Sea lions, Galápagos Hawks, Blue-footed Boobies, Masked Boobies and a red variation of Marine Iguanas. The trail is about 3 kilometers long with small boulders the entire trail.

Tuesday: Santa Cruz
This morning, we will anchor at Puerto Ayora where the Charles Darwin Research Station is located. This afternoon, head for Cerro Dragon, a beautiful view of the landscape from the top of the hill and two small brackish lagoons where occasionally flamingos and other shore birds obtain their food.

Wednesday: Bachas Beach and Bartolome Island
Bachas Beach is a fine coralline sand beach with a pair of lagoons located close to the landing beach. These lagoons occasionally have Greater Flamingos feeding in the shallows. Turtles nest in this area from February to May. Afternoon arrival in Bartolome Island. We will take a moderately strenuous hike to the top of a volcanic cone, which makes up most of the island. On the return and at the end of the hike, there will be wet landing and time for swimming and snorkeling from the beach.

Thursday: Isabela and Fernandina
Isabela Island is composed of five volcanoes that over the years have coalesced into one island. There are five different subspecies of giant tortoises spread upon their slopes. At this Visitor's site we will hike up to 370 feet and return with a Zodiac ride along the cliffs. Fernandina is the youngest and the most volcanically active. The trail inland will take you through a recent lava flow landscape with small trees of mangroves growing close to the coast. The primary attractions here are the several sea lion colonies, the largest colony of marine iguanas, and at the tip o

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