M/V Galapagos Explorer II


Category: Deluxe

Built in 1990, with an overall length of 89.35 m and reaching 17 knots, the M/V Galapagos Explorer II is the most elegant of the vessels cruising the Galapagos' waters. Designed to provide both comfort and scientific information to 100 passengers visiting the Galapagos National Park, this vessel travels up to the remotest islands of the Archipelago. The M/V GALAPAGOS EXPLORER II was part of the International Cruise Line "Renaissance" and operates in the Galápagos Islands since February 1998. It is not only a vessel adapted to the eco-tourism operations that provides environmental education and interpretation on the Galapagos, it also has all the installations and necessary services to guarantee guided experiences on the islands


Classic Suites (Cabin 246-252)
Deck: Magellan Deck
240 ft2
Classic Suites (Cabin 334-345)
Deck: Columbus Deck
250 ft2
Deluxe Suites (Cabin 507-512 and 514-519)
Deck: Erickson Deck
215 ft2
Premium Suites (Cabin 420-431 and 533)
Deck: Marco Polo Deck
235 ft2
Renaissance Balcony Suites (Cabin 601-604)
Deck: Explorer Deck
287 ft2
Renaissance Panoramic Suites (Cabin 505-506)
Deck: Erickson Deck
284 ft2

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