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  • Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Angra dos Reis Info and Miniguide

    Angra do Reis, King’s Bay in English, is one of Brazil’s most dazzling and breathtaking destinations. Composed of 365 islands and 2,000 beaches, Angra dos Reis is the tropical vacation destination of travelers' fantasies. The city’s center is reminiscent of smaller colonial cities and boasts amazing historical monuments, churches and architecture. Many exclusive resorts are located in the area, including the charming and intimate Pestana Angra with its bungallows on top of the hills. Ilha Grande, the largest island of the 365, serves as the main attraction and was used as the colonial center for pirates who originally settled there. Ocean tours and activities are widely available and provide the opportunity to visit the different islands and beaches as well as enjoy the exclusivity of their sandy shores.

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    Angra dos Reis

    A sun lover’s paradise, Angra dos Reis has 365 islands with 2000 beaches. The crystal clear waters and pristine white sand draw visitors from all over the world. Located on the Green Coast of Brazil, the largest island Ilha Grande attracts the most people to its shores. The rich and famous call several of the private islands in this archipelago home and their stately mansions dot the shorelines.

    Angra dos Reis Past

    The ports of Angra dos Reis have always been important to traders and were used throughout history to deliver and take good to and from Europe. Many of the ships that sailed into Angra dos Reis offloaded slaves to be sold to the nearby coffee plantation owners. Ilha Grande was officially discovered by Gaspar de Lemos in 1502. A Portuguese navigator, he named the area Angra dos Reis in honor of “Kings Day” or Dia de Reis. It was settled 50 years later as an agricultural community.

    Finding Your Way to Angra dos Reis

    Sitting between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the area can best be reached by bus or car using BR 101. Do not forget your camera and allow yourself plenty of time, as the views along the way are spectacular. While there is an airport in the area, it can only support smaller planes. However, there are plans to enlarge the airport and increase its capacity. One of the most popular ways to get to Angra dos Reis is by boat. The calm waters and picturesque shoreline make for a delightful cruise.

    Popular Religious Attractions

    Angra dos Reis has always been a Catholic culture. As such, there are many beautiful old churches and convents to visit. Even the small islands will have an old church or two on their shores. In 1593 the lovely Convento do Carmo was erected. Located at General Osorio Square in Angra the building is under the protection of the local historical society. The Convent of Sao Bernardino de Sena, once in ruins has been repaired and is the home of the Culture Secretary of Angra dos Reis. The Museum of Sacred Art is housed in the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Lapa built in 1752. A popular subject for local artists, the Piedade church sits on the shore of Gipoia Island.

    Estrada do Contorno

    This lovely little road on the mainland travels through panoramic forest to various beaches on the coastline. Only 18 km long, the road starts at the Naval School and then winds its way through Blue Tree Park. First stop is Praia do Bonfim quite popular for beach volleyball and football. Next is Praia das Gordas fondly called “beach of moms” as the plentiful shade protects little ones from sunburn. Continue on along Estrada do Contorno to Praia Grande. This is a very crowded and very popular beach with a lot of amenities including restaurants, bars, and paved parking.

    Surrounded by large fig trees, Praia da Figueira is known for its clear waters. Praia Lagarto is usually deserted and is the perfect place to go for solitude. Praia da Gruta is accessed via a small trail and has lovely rock formations that form caves. Next on the circuit is Praia Tanguazinho that is often deserted as the trail to its shores can be rather difficult to navigate. Praia da Ribeira is a popular beach with many amenities including a natural pool and several bars and snack shacks. Finally, Beach Cove is known for its sunsets and is the perfect ending to the Estrada do Contorno.

    Ponta Leste

    Ponta Leste, part of the mainland is riddled with historical sites and stories. It is here The Aquidaba was shipwrecked. Evidence of the old train tracks that ran to Rio and Sao Paulo can still be seen and old cannons used to protect the area are still visible. A drive around the point will take the visitor to several beautiful beaches in the area. Praia do Coqueiro has a wonderful view of Ilha Grande as well as an old railway overpass. Praia Macieis is the most popular beach in the area. Praia Biscaia is the largest beach with several bars.

    Praia Baleia is popular with families, as the waters are shallow and calm; a small path in the hillside leads down to this beach. Praia Tartaruga is only accessible through a condominium complex but is quite beautiful sitting at the foot of the mountains. For some solitude visit Praia Eguas located behind The Petrobras workers village. Located inside the Verolme Workers Village is Praia Jacuecanga with snack bars. Make this your last stop, as the views at sunset are stunning.

    Gipoia Island

    One of the larger islands off the coast there are beautiful beaches accessible only by boat. Seek privacy on Praia Pequena with room for only 1 boat to moor. Praia Jurubaiba is on of the favorite beaches in the area. The waters are calm and it is safe to moor in this bay. There are floating bars and snack boats. This area is popular for jet skiing. Expect to see the rich and famous on this beach. Another beach frequented by the rich and famous is Flechas Beach thanks to its well-known seafood restaurant. Praia Fazenda is a small quite beach with a bar and snack shack.

    Praia Piedade is a popular beach for families with a small trail over to Praia das Flechas. One of the most picturesque beaches, Praia Morcego has some of the calmest and clearest waters. With a pier for motorboats, Praia Vitorino has plenty of shade, a bar and Asian restaurant as well as a lovely inn. Another beach with a popular seafood restaurant is Praia Armacao. Finally, the very isolated and quiet Praia Amaral is quite beautiful and home to a shellfish breeding zone.

    Lovely Beach Weather

    Angra Dos Reis is characterized by tropical weather. The warm sunshine and cool sea breezes make this resort region a very pleasant place to stay. June through September high temperatures rarely reach above 77F and do not go any lower than 62F. November through February can be quite warm with highs around 95F and lows 83F. Summer (Nov-Feb) is also the rainy season with an average of 5 inches of rain monthly. Winters are very dry and rarely see an inch of rain per month.

    Activities in Angra dos Reis

    Angra dos Reis is the place to visit if you like water sports. There are prime diving spots in the waters surrounding most of islands and the mainland. Several diving companies offer diving day trips. There are also areas for land fishing and deep sea fishing. Some of the best fishing spots are Baia da Ribeira, Porcos Island, Redonda Island and Aquidaba Monument. On Ilha Grande several of the freshwater streams are excellent fishing spots as well as Meio and Pau a Pino. Jet skiing is a very popular sport especially in Angra and Ribeira bays. Surfing is available on a few of the beaches with rougher waters including Praia Grande, Lopes Mendes and Praia Aventureiro. There are plenty of Marinas throughout the islands to rent sailboats for a few hours or a few days. Inland, white water rafting is available along the Mambucaba River. Another popular inland sport is mountain biking. Trails in the mountains take bikers to waterfalls and some of the beautiful beaches. Many of these trails can be used by hikers too.

    Ilha Grande

    Called Big Island by the Tamoios and Tupinambas tribes, this lush and exotic land contains 106 beaches set against a backdrop of towering mountains and sparkling waterfalls. Once home to a prison, the area has become quite developed with hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. The primary town is Abraao Village with plenty of attractions including hiking trails through the forest to waterfalls and beaches. On the south side of the island is a Federal park.

    Abraao Village

    A ferry from the main land takes visitors to Abraao Village seven days a week. This small village is actually the largest town on the island. There are several inns and all are close to the beach. Bars and restaurants as well as a few nightclubs provide a festive atmosphere at night. Keep in mind that Angra dos Reis is all about nature and the beaches. Do not expect to find all the amenities of an urban city.

    Ilha Grande Beaches

    For those who want to swim with the fishes in a live aquarium visit Lagoa Azul. Throw some bread in the water to attract the Sergeant fish and then dive on in. The sensation of all those fish swimming around you is quite unique. Part of a small fishing village, Praia Japaris has some delicious sea food restaurants. Visit this beach at night as the alga light up the water when agitated. Saco do Ceu or Sky Sack is a cove that is so calm visitors can see the stars reflected in the water at night. It is considered on of the most beautiful places on the island. The most popular beach on the island is Praia Lopes Mendes. It is frequented by surfers and divers. Praia Parnaioca is a perfect place for families to visit, as the water is clear and deep turquoise.

    Praia Sul and Leste are very large beaches that are constantly pounded by heavy surf. A small rather treacherous path connects the two beaches. Praia Aventureiro is one of the loveliest beaches on the island. Look for the horizontal coconut tree. This is a good family beach with calm waters and a spectacular view. Praia Beach is part of Proveta Village, an evangelical community. Do not be surprised to see people swimming in their clothes. Praia Aracatiba is the most famous beach on the island and has plenty of amenities such as bars and seafood restaurants. Ask for fresh mussels and the waiter will dive in the water to get your dinner. Praia Longa is part of a tiny village. Its claim to fame is a waterfall on the beach.

    Angra dos Reis is an amazing resort region for vacationers. With plenty of inns, hotels, 5 star resorts and homes for rent there is plenty of room of everyone. For the Eco-tourist there are also areas to camp near the beaches and in the mountains. Schooner trips take visitors on tours along the coast and around the islands. And, plenty of restaurants serve up the freshest seafood to be found anywhere. Angra do Reis is a perfect paradise for travelers seeking beauty, adventure and fun.

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