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  • Buzios, Brazil

    Buzios Info and Miniguide

    105 miles and a 2-hour pleasant drive from Rio de Janeiro will take you to Buzios, Brazil's most stylish and low-key resort. Private homes, designer boutiques and little pousada cling to its hills or watch over the inumerous beaches, which range from half-moon bays to long stretches of fine white sand. Sun and beach for the day, champagne for the night, Buzios's downtown buzzes with tourists from all over the world who shop on Rua das Pedras sophisticated boutiques, sip cocktails at one of the oceanfront pousadas and then dance the night away in the Ibiza-style clubs and beachside bars. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT BUZIOS

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    Just 2 hours drive from Rio de Janeiro lies the beach resort town of Buzios. Home to only 25,000 year round residents this quaint little fishing village quadruples in population during the summer and holidays. Visitors from around the globe flock here to enjoy the sun, ocean and over 24 beaches that surround this peninsula.

    History of Buzios

    While the coast of Brazil was being explored by the Portuguese during the 1500s the French pirates were busy making friends with the local Tupinambas Indians. These pirates had discovered an abundance of brazilwood in high demand in Europe. With the help of their new friends, the pirates were able to harvest this wood. The Portuguese had finally enough of their stealthy behavior and removed them along with the Tupinambas Indians. In the 1700s, Buzios became a small fishermen village.

    Hollywood Puts Buzios on the Map

    Buzios remained a sleepy little fishing village until 1964. Brigitte Bardot, visiting Buzios with her boyfriend, fell in love with this little town and its beaches. A quick vacation turned into a four month stay. Word quickly spread to the jet setters of the world. They soon followed Bardot and Buzios became a Brazilian St. Tropez.

    Getting to Buzios

    Driving to Buzios from Rio de Janeiro takes about 2 hours. Coming from the north it is best to take BR-101. Buses leave regularly from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Regular flights from Rio de Janeiro fly into the Buzios airport on Friday and Sunday.

    Taua Reserve

    While the primary attraction of Buzios is the many wonderful beaches there are several attractions inland. Taua Reserve is a park for archaeological, anthropological and geological study. Cactus, bromeliads and lianas all grace the natural walkways and containers filled with fruit are available to feed the wild animals of the park. There are also several hundred species of colorful birds to see. The reserve, once a part of the ocean, is filled with sea shell covered forest floors and a fossil beach. Taua is open daily from 8am-6pm, reservations must be made in advance to view the park.

    Mountains of Emerencias

    The Mountains of Emerencias are another reserve in Buzios and considered a part of the larger Pau Brasil (brazilianwood) reserve. If visitors are lucky they will be able to see the endangered Golden Lion Monkeys. Pathways through this park are available for hikers as well as those who wish to mountain bike. There are also guided tours available.

    Waterfalls of Sana

    One of the most beautiful areas in interior Buzios is the Sana waterfalls. Guides take visitors along a pathway to visit all the falls. This first stop is the Waterfall of Escorrega. Here children can slide down natural rock through the waterfall and into the pool below. The next two waterfalls are Recanto of Butterflies and Mother Waterfall. Here visitors can enjoy sliding into the pool below or jumping from a 39ft ledge. The Seven Falls and Waterfall of Father are the next on the path. The latter requires a rather difficult hike to its apex. The final waterfall is Waterfall of Sete Quedas.

    Activities in Buzios

    Not only are there plenty of sights to see in Buzios, but there are also many activities to enjoy. As Buzios is a beach resort, water sports are plentiful. Surfing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and kite sailing are all quite popular. Fishing, sailing and boogie boarding as also available at many of the beaches. For visitors who prefer to stay on land there is an 18 hole golf course, horse back riding, hiking and mountain biking. There is plenty to do for everyone.

    Climate of Buzios

    The weather in Buzios is generally temperate year round. On average, Buzios gets 254 days of sun yearly. Average highs in the winter can reach 75F and in the summer average high temperatures are around 86F. Low temperatures rarely drop below 57F during winter and 64F in the summer.

    Staying in the City

    Buzios has a large variety of hotels and pousadas for all budgets. Insólito Boutique Hotel, Ferradura Private, Ferradura Resort, Colonna Galápagos Garden and Pousada Casas Brancas are beachfront view and offer comfort and great service to all guests. Also, good options with great price range are Solar dos Navigantes Geriba, Pousada Corsario, Praia Bella, Pousada do Namorado and Pousada Terrasse.

    Shopping in Buzios

    The best place to shop in Buzios is on the cobblestone street of Rua das Pedras. For crafts visit Cachaça a Bordo that specializes in nautical goods. Ambar is filled with exotic artifacts from around the world. Arte Marinha specializes in wares made by local craftsmen. Several local artists also have their galleries here. Stores are open from 10am-12am and some only open after 2pm and close aroun 1am.

    Dining in Buzios

    Of course seafood is the specialty in Buzios.There are French, Italian and Asian inspired restaurants in Buzios. For some French cuisine try Cigalon on the Rua das Pedras. Or for some great seafood visit Bar do Ze located on the Bardot beachfront and David on downtown Buzios. For more casual dining try the pizza at Caprichosa or the crepes at Chez Michou. Many of the beaches also have snack shacks and small casual restaurants usually specializing in native Brazilian cuisine . Visit Pinguin on Joao Fernandes and Barbado e Gaivota on Geriba. On Manguinhos beach you can enjoy local seafood at Restaurante da Gisele.

    Nightlife in Buzios

    While some of the beaches have their own bars and small clubs, the nightlife is mostly centered along the Rua das Pedras. There seems to be bars every few meters, some small and quiet, and others large with live music. There are also nightclubs that cater to the younger crowd. Privilege Nightclub has a DJ playing brazilian music as well as electro, dance and hip-hop. For a more relaxed evening try Anexo’s Bar with soft lounge chairs facing the water. Jazz and blues can usually be heard coming from Patio Havana with its restaurant, whiskey bar and cigar bar.

    Buzios Beaches

    The main reason visitors come to Buzios is for the beaches, there are over 20 gorgeous beaches to choose from. The west coast beaches have warmer calmer waters with little wind and low surf. These beaches are very popular with families or sunbathers. The east coast beaches are influenced by the currents coming from Antarctica. The waters on these beaches are colder and a bit wilder. The waves are much higher and surfers, sailors, kite surfers and wind surfers all travel to these beaches to enjoy the water sports.

    Beaches For Water Sports in Buzios

    Praia de Geriba, Manguinhos and Praia dos Tucuns are the best beaches for short and long board surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. The winds really pick up in the afternoon and there are many small shops along these beaches to rent out surfing equipment. At night, there is dancing until the wee hours of the morning or relaxing time at a quiet bar, drinking a caipirinha and enjoying a glorious sunset.

    Beaches for the Family in Buzios

    If the whole family has come along on the trip to Buzios there are some beaches that are known for their calm warm waters, soft sand and natural pools. These beaches are perfect for children. Praia da Ferradura, Ferradurinha, Praia de Joao Fernandes, Praia da Azeda, azedinha and Praia Tartaruga are all beaches made for family enjoyment. Many have snorkeling available and the waters are crystal clear with soft sandy ocean bottoms.

    Buzios for Romance

    Buzios is a popular resort town for honeymooners. Many of the beaches are made for lovers and newlyweds. These beaches are usually small, harder to reach and rarely crowded. Praia Foca, Olho de Boi (nude beach), Praia da Azedinha, Praia dos Amores and Praia das Virgens are perfect beaches for romance.

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