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  • Goiania, Brazil

    Goiania Info and Miniguide

    Goiania is the capital of the state of Goias, located in the central-western region of Brazil. Goiania is a planned city similar to Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. In the city, visitors will find many leisure options, several entertainment complexes and shopping malls. While the city is extremely modern and contemporary, it has been nicknamed the 'Spring Capital' with a third consisting of parks and greenery, such as Buritis, Vaca Brava and the Zoo.

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    Goiania lies south in the state of Goias, some 209 kilometers southwest of the capital, Brasilia. It is one of the best laid out and planned cities in Brazil. It is located on a fertile plain that is crisscrossed by rivers, with Meia Ponte being the most important one. Because of this, there is a lot of greenery around here. Nearly 30% of Goiania is green wooded areas offering plenty of shade and attractive vegetation. The tree covered avenues; local attractions and pleasant weather attract visitors throughout the year. Goiania was designed to support 50,000 inhabitants now houses more than a million people, a testament to its popularity among Brazilians.

    History of Goiania

    After the revolt of 1930, Pedro Ludovico was appointed the new governor and it was he who gave the impetus for forming a new city. The foundation stone for the city was laid in 1933 and plans were prepared with a specific design in mind. It was to be in the shape of a concentric radius, with the Praca Civica in the center. It replaced Goias as the administrative center in 1935 and in 1935 it became the state capital.

    Goiania's Climate and When to Go

    Goiania exhibits tropical dry and wet weather with an average of 21.9 C. There are two seasons –the wet season and the dry season. The wet season lasts from October to April and the dry season lasts from May to September. It receives high rainfall averaging 1500 mm per year. It can get quite cold during the winter. The lowest temperature recorded was 0.5 C in the year 2000. Such lows are rare, with temperatures dropping to 8 C in the suburbs during winters. The highest recorded summer temperature was 39.2 C in the year 2001. You can visit Goiania any time of the year. December is a busy period because of New Year’s but otherwise it is not so crowded.

    Getting There

    You can get to Goiania either by plane or by bus. Goiania is well connected to other Brazilian cities. There are a number of non stop flights between Sao Paulo and Goiania, the flight takes about an hour and a half. There are a number of flights to other cities, either direct ones or through Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

    You will find many rental vehicles and taxi points on the airport premises. Goiania has an excellent bus station at Worker’s Square or Praca do Trabalhador. Goiania is well connected to all other places in Brazil. Brasilia is about 3 hours away and a trip costs R$35 (US$ 18) if you are going by conventional bus. The bus station is located towards the north of the city, a kilometer away from the city center. There is a major shopping mall located near the bus station.

    Getting Around Goiania

    For international travelers, the best way to get around is by taxis. You can expect to be charged around R$20 (US$ 10) or less for rides within the city central areas. The option to get around is with Citybus, buses that are air conditioned with music and Internet access.

    Goiania's Attractions

    There are plenty of things to see and do in this modern bustling city. Goiania boasts of many museums, theaters, shopping streets, street and hippie fairs, commercial streets and parks. The night scene has its share of youthful bars, pubs and night clubs frequented by the hip and happening people.

    Praca Universitaria

    This is a virtual outdoor museum where you can see many sculptures in the square. Centro Cultural - Located on highway GO-020, this center was built by the famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer who also designed the country’s capital. It has a museum and theater dedicated to the culture of the city.

    Museums and Places of Interest in Goiania

    Museu Goiano Zoroastro Artiaga- Museum lovers can have their fill in Goiania. This particular museum safeguards important art works of the state of Goias and has an interesting collection of Indian crafts and artifacts.

    Museu Pedro Ludovico Teixeira- The erstwhile home of Pedro Ludovico who was the founder of Goiania has a collection of furniture and objects of the former governor, even the old truck he used.

    Anthropological Museum- On the east side of the city, you will find the University area where the Anthropological Museum is located. It has a rich collection of ethnological and archaeological material about the ancient ways of the Midwest Indian tribes.

    Ornithological Museum- Situated in the Campinas district, it is a bird lover’s delight with over 8000 animals including 6000 birds.

    Estadio Serra Dourada - This is the stage where Brazilian football matches are played. Considered to be the best lawn in Brazil, matches are played here every Wednesday and Sunday.

    Teatro Rio Vermelho- This theater situated in the Convention Center of Goiania has several lectures and concerts happening frequently in the auditoriums.

    Centro de Convencoes- Situated in Paranaiba Avenue, it is a place which sees many cultural conventions and fairs.

    Praca Tamandare- This is the favorite haunt visited by the talented artists of Goiania.

    Parks in Goiania

    There are many parks in Goiania where you can spend some time strolling and soaking in the atmosphere.

    Bosque do Buritis- This park is situated west of the administrative zone in Oeste Sector. The main park of Goiania, it is much loved by the local people, it also has a small art museum on its grounds.

    Mutirama Park- Before you reach the city center, you will find that Avenida Araguia goes through the Mutirama Park, a large open space with well planted trees. It is larger than Buritis with hilly terrain and enjoyable walking trails. The planetarium located inside the park is also of considerable interest.

    Chico Mendes Botanical Gardens- It is a garden with some picturesque locales covering biological reserves and lakes. It has many fruit trees, flowering plants such as bromeliads and orchids.

    Zoo- The Zoo is located on the west side of the city and has specimens of many species under the threat of extinction. The presence of a lake, various sports facilities and children’s playground make it an ideal location for some family fun time.

    Where to Stay in Goiania

    There are numerous options you can check out. Goiania has a full range of options for the back packer to the business executive. Hotels in Goiania are comfortable with good services and modern amenities. Some of the notable hotels are Comfort Suites, Castro’s Park Hotel, Hotel Principe, Hotel Rio Vermelho, Papillon Hotel, Ibis Accor Hotel, Crystal Plaza Hotel, Blue Tree Towers, Sleep Inn Goiania and Hotel Terra Cedro.

    Dining in Goiania

    Goiania has some fine restaurants catering to regional as well as international tastes. At Caribe’s you can taste the best local delicacies along with some chilled beer. You will get the most sumptuous Brazilian barbeque at Montana Grill Churascaria. Caterete Restaurant and Bar serves some authentic food of the region. For the best crepes in town, head to Sr. Crepe and for the best Brazilian pizza, nothing beats Casa Sao Paulo.

    Contemporane is a good place for some delicious international as well as Bueno food. You can also try the Outback Steakhouse at Flamboyant Shopping Mall and if you still want to experiment, there is always Chao Nativo which serves some excellent rice and chicken dishes.

    Goiania's Nightlife

    The party and night scene of Goiania is quite buzzing with the action taking place in its many clubs, pubs and bars. At Sedna, you can try savor some expensive beer over some pulsating pop electronic music. Some nights see open bar, so it’s a good idea to check out the line up for the week before choosing on the day to go there. Café Cancun is a happening place with some very different rhythms. Be mindful though, it’s hard to get in after midnight as it gets jam packed with crowds. Pubs such as Bolshoi and Café Blend offer a nice atmosphere, some cool music and good food- ideal to unwind.

    Shopping in Goiania

    There will be lots of shopping to do while you are in Goiania. The popular streets for shopping are Rua 3 and Rua 4 where you can find a lot of used CDs, LPs and books at good prices. You can’t miss the Feira Hippie which is an open air market happening on Sundays at Trabalhador’s Square. The Moon’s Fair or Feira da Lua takes place on Saturdays at Tamandare’s Square. You can pick up some good clothes and paintings by popular artists.

    Flamboyant Shopping Mall is the largest and most modern shopping arcade with a wide range of stores and commercial cinemas. You can check out the Goiania Shopping Mall for some stylish products. Araguaia Shopping Mall is conveniently located in the main bus station complex. Buriti Shopping Mall is a popular mall among the local people here. On Avenida 85, you can find many car dealerships and clothing stores.

    The people who developed Goiania wanted to preserve the florid and green area and although Goiania has developed in a haphazard manner, the charm and original intent of the developers has remained intact, making Goiania a perfect destination for a family holiday.

    Promotional Summary

    Popularly known as the city of Eternal Spring, Goiania is a name that inspires visions of romance, adventure and being lost in a period where everything stands timeless. Its verdant foliage, well manicured parks and blossoming flowers has inspired many artists who have tried to capture its beauty on canvas. Blending the best of tradition and modernity, the city has something to offer to all visitors.

    It is the perfect destination for a relaxing family holiday where the kids can enjoy frolicking in the parks and the adults can explore the rich history of the region in the myriad museums located throughout the city. There is plenty to see and do and you can well end up with tired bodies and minds if you do not plan your trip properly. You will have a difficult choice in deciding where to go first - the museums, theaters, shopping streets, parks, fairs and stadium all vie for your attention. . In Goiania, it’s like the party and festivities go on throughout the year.

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