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  • Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

    Porto de Galinhas Info and Miniguide

    Once you understand the origin of the name you'll understand why it is a part of Brazil's history. In the past, Porto de Galinhas was formerly used as a slave landing port. Nowadays, it is a fishing village only 2.5 Km away from the hotel. A place that has kept its characteristic rustic fishermen architecture, but also attractive bars, refined restaurants, great nightclubs and fantastic natural pools made up of millenary reefs and water temperatures averaging 25°C. Porto de Galinhas offers its visitors a diversified leisure structure and trip facility to meet the needs of different types of clients. Water sports, trails, flying, trips to other locations, walks, and much more, all including the availability of specific material that can be rented for the different activities.

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    Porto de Galinhas

    A popular destination for a quite getaway, Porto de Galinhas is a small beach town close to Recife in the state of Pernambuco. It is known for its beaches, reefs and ocean ponds and is home to different species of fish and turtle. It belongs to the municipality of Ipojuca and has thrived due to tourism and the fact that there is a new oil refinery under construction.

    History of Porto de Galinhas

    Brazil’s sugar cane fields and sugar industry used to employ slaves from Angola and other African countries. Towards the nineteenth century, slave trade was restricted and the government started clamping down on the sugar barons. To find new ways to import slaves, little known ports were found and used. Porto de Galinhas was one such port. Slaves were referred to as Galinhas (chickens) to avoid detection. Slave trade was abolished but the name is still in use.

    Getting to Porto de Galinhas

    Porto has two highways- PE-60 and BR-101. The double laned Federal BR-101 will take you from the airport to Suape Port. However, PE- 60 has only one lane and is about twenty kilometers long. Recife is approximately 60 km away and is well connected by road. There are buses and taxis that ply frequently between the two places. The journey takes over an hour but longer during weekends as traffic tends to be quite heavy. The bus that takes you from the airport is not air-conditioned and will cost you R$5.50. You will find the terminal next to the gas station.

    Transport in Porto de Galinhas

    Porto de Galinhas is a small town that can be explored on foot. However, there are buggies and rented cars available at about $60 a day. Porto de Galinhas is a small village with a Pracinha or a central square. The village has several shops, restaurants and hotels towards Maracaípe and Muro Alto. Important streets include Rua dos Navegantes, Rua Beijupirá and Rua da Esperança.

    Porto de Galinha's Beaches

    If you are heading to Porto de Galinhas then you won’t be able to stay away from its beaches. Porto de Galinhas’s pride consists of spectacular and scenic beaches that are truly addictive. Here are a few of the best ones to consider visiting:

    Gamboa beach located to the North of Porto De Galinhas, has smooth waters which make it ideal for a lazy swim. The waters of the beach form natural pools amidst coconut trees, which make it ideal for amateur swimmers. You can enjoy a lot of privacy, as this beach is not crowded with tourists except during a beach party! During party season you can relish gourmet hamburgers, T bone steaks, citrus cocktails and dance the night away! Muro Alto or the ‘high wall’ is a beach that has attractive aquatic life on display. The reef has created natural pools where you can go diving. If you are lucky, you might spot a turtle or two. The crystalline warm waters beckon you to just laze around and soak up the sun.

    Porto De Galinhas beach is the most popular and hence the most crowded beach on the northwestern coastline. It is lined with bars and restaurants. There are sail boat rides and boat trips to natural swimming pools also called Piscinas Naturais, formed when the tide ebbs away. Some of them are big for enough for several people to get in. These pools trap fish when the tide leaves so you can actually interact with them. The fish are tame and are not scared of humans. The boatmen carry food to feed them. The most popular pool is shaped like the map of Brazil. You cannot get into this pool as security guards guard it. A boat ride to one of pools does not take long and costs you about $8.

    If you are at Maracaípe Beach, then this is your opportunity to tame the surf. Known as the surfer’s paradise, the Maracaípe Beach frequently hosts surfing events including the world championship. It also features some of the finest restaurants and resorts in Porto De Galinhas. Some of these resorts include Xales de Maracaipe, Serrambi Resort, Maleleo and the Porto de Galinhas Praia Hotel.

    Engenho Gaipió

    At Engenho Gaipió or Gaipió Mill, located about 15 km from Ipojuca, history comes alive. You can see how the mill lords lived in luxury during the nineteenth century. The structure is a big mansion which houses furniture, paintings and other objects belonging to that era. The Gaipió Mill became part of Pernambuco’s history after the famous Praieira Revolt in 1848.

    Coral Reefs in Porto de Galinha

    Poço da Paixão

    Poço da Paixão is close to the fishing side of Porto de Galinhas. Scuba diving here is recommended. The reef formations are intricate and there are tunnels that you can swim into, though it can be a little scary. Nighttime diving activities are encouraged but only if you are a professional diver.

    Gonçalo Coelho

    This reef grows on the famous World War II wreck that was used for cargo transportation to Recife. The wreck’s prominence looms large underneath the water. Cranes still hold on to the deck. You can find stingrays here so be careful. These beautiful creatures are docile but you have to be alert around them. Turtles can also be found.


    This reef ledge is the most colorful of the lot. There may be a strong current but if you can brace or wait for the low tide, you will definitely be rewarded.

    Galeão, Marte, 30 Metros and Bolo are some of the other popular reefs where life is colorful and abundant.

    Dinning in Porto de Galinhas

    Domingos Restaurant is the most popular restaurant in Porto de Galinhas. If you were to ask anyone where you can eat, you will be directed here. Any fish dish a delicacy here.

    You can’t leave a beach town without sampling its shrimp. For the best shrimp dishes you have to head for Harmonia Do Mar restaurant. There is a crowd here on Thursdays and Fridays but the prices are lower on these Shrimp crazy days.

    The sun dried, salted meat at Cunha Restaurant is a dish that you will not forget. Cunha is well known even in Recife. You just have to ask for it. Another dish that is a must have here is - Shrimp with cheese, served inside a pineapple. Barracuda, in Maracaipe is another restaurant where you should grab a bite!

    Peixe Na Telha is a restaurant where fish is cooked in clay oven. The menu is very long and it is not easy to navigate through it without help. If you don’t want to have seafood, you can try the beef and chicken dishes. These places are just as good as any other restaurant on the mainland.

    Brazil’s tryst with ice cream is evident even in this small beach town. Della Frutta Sorvetes Artesanais should be your destination for ice cream. You will be spoilt for choice as they have so many flavors!

    Shopping in Porto de Galinhas

    There are shops you can visit to buy souvenirs like miniature turtles, pearls, shells and beachwear. Artesanato Edimilson Menezes Jóias is a designer jewelry store that is as popular as Porto De Galinhas itself.

    Supermercado Hiper Econômico, Supermercado Socó and Salão Azul – Unissex are other places where you can shop for art and creative T- shirts which have coconut pieces stuck in them.

    Porto de Galinha's Climate

    Porto de Galinhas has a sunny climate most of the year. Compared to other parts of Brazil where rain is frequent, Porto de Galinhas is a contrast. You can have a bath without the thought of shivering or catching a cold. The water is warm and the temperature stands at 26°C for most of the year. While it is humid, a breeze is always blowing, so it’s quite pleasant even outdoors. The weather stays great even during winter and the waters are just as welcoming as ever. Porto de Galinhas can be visited anytime of the year but February or the receding summer time is ideal.

    Porto de Galinhas will definitely leave an indelible mark on your memory. A vacation here is just what your body, heart and soul needs!

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