Eco Travel to Brazil: Amazon, Pantanal, Noronha and Jericoacora

Book Your Eco Package to the Amazon Basin, Pantanal or a paradise like Fernando de Noronha or Jericoacoara.

amazon, brazil

The Brazilian Amazon is best explored from its many Jungle lodges and riverboat excursions. From charming and comfortable properties like Anavilhanas, Juma, and Ecopark, to exotic and famous Ariau Jungle Lodge, they all offer guided activities all day long. Prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as all activities mention in the program.

pantanal south

The city of Campo Grande is the main hub  to the Pantanal South ecosystem, home to a known 3,500 species of plants, as well as over ,1000 birds, 400 species of fish, 300 species of mammals, and 480 species of reptiles, including the caiman.

pantanal north

Lodges and tours are accessible from the city of Cuiaba to the Pantanal wild are, the world's largest area of wetlands and most dense flora and fauna ecosystems.

fernando de noronha

Fernando de  Noronha, a world-class beach paradise, accounts for nive out of the top ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Explore the island staying at cozy posadas or pick a 50-star fancy hotel, such as Pousada Maravilha.

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