How to Book Your Trip offers the comprehensive selection of hotels, tours and vacation packages to Brazil, we pride ourselves for being extremely knowledgeable about Brazil. Most of our travel consultants are born-and-raised in Brazil; all of them have travelled extensively knowing how to hand-pick a wide range of destinations and experiences in a country with continental dimensions.  We are all passionate about Brazil and we want you to be in love with it too. By the way, most of our travel consultants are based in  Rio de Janeiro.  Most likely you will be talking on the phone to a laid-back one, tanned by last weekend’s sun of a perfect day on the sandy beaches of Copacabana.
Browse the Site. There is a Package for You!
Our site has been designed with one major goal in mind: to make it easier for you to browse our selection of hotels, tours and packages to Brazil. One of our vacation tours will be for you, regardless of your life style and the your budget. Our expertise always makes a big difference on your trip.
It’s okay to Tweak it!
As a tailor-made specialist, our flexibility is second to none.  From Economy to Luxury, all our independent packages can be customized in any way or form.  Feel free to change the order of the cities, substitute or include a new experience, or even start your own itinerary from scratch.
Not Sure What to Book?
Remember you will be talking to born-and-raised Brazilians who are willing to work together with you and prepare that trip of a lifetime. In fact, we even prefer to have the opportunity to quick brainstorm it with you. The goal is to understand your expectations and style: whether it is a romantic trip, a family with kids or a couple of girls travelling together. Maybe you don’t like too much driving. From accommodations to the selection of tours, we always try to pick the options that are most likely to please you. And that chat with you will surely speed up the process.
Suggestions, Quotes, Charges, Travel Documents, etc.
After a thread of  emails and/or that quick chat with you, we send you our suggestions – which we call a quote - and discuss it with you. If needed, we tweak it and modify it until you are completely satisfied with the travel plans. We then send  you a credit card form which works as a formal authorization for us to proceed with the charges according to what has been agreed in the quote. Once the reservation is completely finalized and paid for, we send you the travel documents.
Have Fun! Enjoy your Trip!
Worry-free and hassle-free travel. Nothing gives them more pleasure than putting a smile on your face or receive that thankful "all-went-so-great" call when you return from your trip.
If your itinerary includes Rio de Janeiro, please make sure to pass by and have a coffee with us.