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  • Girassois Pousada Hotel  

    Pipa, Brazil

    A 4 Stars hotel,

    The Girassois Inn is located in the heart of Pipa near Village Beach, famous for its cosmopolitan nightlife and large variety of shops, bars and restaurants. For those who love to surf, Praia do Amor (‘Love Beach’), described as a “surfer’s paradise” is just a short distance away. The Girassois Inn is a private luxury condominium with villas offering all the services and facilities that guests need.

    Among the abundant tropical vegetation guests will find a gym, a supervised children's playground and hammocks to relax in. At the Tropical Leisure area, there are three swimming pools, one for children, one where adults can relax and another pool for water sports and activities. The Inn has several types of accommodations, all of them equipped with air-conditioning, a mini-bar, a ceiling fan, satellite TV, a covered terrace with hammocks and a telephone.


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    1) Rates at the Girassois Pousada Hotel may not be valid during Carnival, New Years, Easter and other special dates.
    2) Prices in US Dollars and subject to change without notice.
    3) Brazilian Visa Required of US citizens, Canadians, Australians and many other countries.
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