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  • Blue Tree Premium Fortaleza Hotel  

    Fortaleza, Brazil

    A 4 Stars hotel, three blocks from the beach

    The Blue Tree Premium is a wonderful hotel situated a mere 200 meters from the beach and about a 20-minute drive from the airport. The Blue Tree Premium is one of Fortaleza’s most famous tourist destinations, and a prime location for night hangouts. The hotel boasts 248 rooms all featuring internet access, air conditioners, digital safes, cable TV, hair dryers and balcony. The hotel also offers its guests a swimming pool with waterfall, a pool for kids, sauna and a fitness centre. The hotel lays out a playground and a solarium that gives a good look of the entire city and the sea. The staff members of the hotel provide you 24-hour room service.

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    Blue Tree Premium hotel in Fortaleza, Brazil stands tall in the busy part of the city providing an oasis to the needy ones. The location of the hotel has been carefully chosen with the beach within 5 on foot minutes and the airport ‘Martins young chicken’ within 20 cab minutes. The hotel has in all 248 rooms with most of the rooms having the sea-view. The rooms are centrally air conditioned with a mini bar, a hair dryer, a television, a phone, and internet with broad band service. Beige is used quite often from the floor to the linen of the bed. Red and white are also aligned in the pallet beautifully contrasting or rather complimenting each other. The ornamentation of the rooms is quite simple and practical. The service is quick and extremely efficient. The staff is very congenial and the stay is ensured to be a warm one. The beige colored building looks lovely with the bold curves to it. The chic side staircases add on to the smartness of the hotel. The shopping center ’center of fashions’ is also nearby so the guys may want to keep their partners busy all the time. The hotel defines the word sophistication in all senses. The high hat aspect of the hotel is that it is in the busy part of the city so the tourists can see the night life of the city along with the beauty of nature in the exotic beaches. The hotel has a lovely reception with the floors as clear as crystal. The staff maintains a high standard of cleanliness. The peculiar thing about the hotel is that it has cactus plants as catches giving a feel of an actual oasis. All the rooms have a similar earthly décor. The restaurant of the hotel ‘Mandacaru’ has about 100 reserves for an inside ambience and 150 for outside. The cuisine served is quite famous in the whole city and the restaurant stays fully booked almost all the time. The restaurant is quite astute with square tables and a smart setting. The ambience is neat. The luxury facilities provided by the hotel include fitness center, sauna dries and solarium overlooking the sea. The hotel also has an infinite swimming with eye-catching architecture. There is a cliff like structure at one end of the pool giving it a feel like the’ king kong’ movie. The hotel also has a fully equipped playground. The booking can be done online. Do confirm the stay before reaching.


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