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  • Arte Urquijo Pousada Hotel  

    Paraty, Brazil

    A 4 Stars hotel, Downtown

    Situated in the heart of the Paraty city, the Arte Urquijo Pousada is built with an oriental theme wherein guests are required to remove their shoes upon their entry in to the hotel. Flip flops are offered for the guests to be used inside the hotel. The hotel is just two blocks away from the beach. There are six individually designed and well-equipped suites which give spectacular views of the ocean, the surrounding mountains and the historic city of Paraty. Arte Urquijo Pousada also has got a library that features art and general literature and also wireless internet facility. The guests are allowed to borrow from this library. The terrace of this hotel is an excellent place for relaxation and to enjoy the nature.

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    Amidst the historical centre of Paraty, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil, adjacent to the Santa Rita Church, there is this renaissance of an old colonial building, the “Sobrado” with its entire original stonewalls, and wooden furniture and wooden artifacts, in tact but with a brand new name Arte Urquijo Pousada, that draws in tourists. Arte Urquijo Pousada was born with the efforts of Lus Urquijo, an artist by profession, who made it a unique Inn of its kind with her arts flowing all around making it a lively and cozy place to relax.

    In the first floor of Arte Urquijo Pousada there are 6 suites, which are small yet comfy and distinctively decorated and differentiated. All the rooms have access to either of the breathtaking view of roofs, mountains or the sea.

    You are sure to get a homely feeling. Whilst you enter the Inn, the receptionist collects your shoes and you are gifted with a pair of brand new handmade slippers to move about comfortably within the premises.

    When you enter the room you would be wonderstruck by the magnificent decoration and the mild fragrance emanating from it. The beds and pillows are soft and goose feather filled.

    Away from the normal world yet you can be connected with the world through the Wi FI available here.

    For a relaxing sip or two, you have the Mini bar.

    To get away from the warmth you can take a dive into the swimming pool located in the Winter garden.

    To cater to your platter they have the breakfast room with buffet system.

    To unwind yourself you can go to the terrace and use the hammock and enjoy the exotic view.

    For some knowledgeable moments you have the library with collections of arts and International literature.

    Music lovers can go through the collection of classical music.

    For art lovers you have a permanent art exhibition and art gallery.

    Right there you have the pubs with international drinks and regional sugarcane brandies. New guests are treated with a free drink

    They have specially formulated guided tours to travel around the beaches, waterfalls, islands and the Atlantic Forest.

    Well trained, friendly and cooperative staff.

    At Paraty, you have plenty to see, enjoy and fall in love with nature. The Bay, the beaches, the islands, a real natural aquarium where you can come in near contact with the fishes, the mountain of Serra da Bocaina covered by the rainforest, the waterfalls, forests of the Ponta do Juatinga Peninsula, and not to miss the historical buildings, the House of Culture and the colonial architecture imbibed in every house of the streets

    In short your tour is sure to be a complete power pack.


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    3) Brazilian Visa Required of US citizens, Canadians, Australians and many other countries.
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