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  • A Casa das Portas Velhas Hotel  

    Salvador, Brazil

    A 4 Stars hotel, Close to Pelourinho

    Casa das Portas Velhas offers exquisitely decorated and comfortable space that is extraordinarily simple but exudes deluxe feeling all about it. The hotel is an expression of subtle luxury that is rare to find. Situated in one of the most popular squares of Palm Square that is well-known as Dona Flor’s home in Jorge Amado’s famous movie “Dona Flor and her Two Husbands”. The hotel is built on ancient structures that has created a mysterious sense of luxury. The hotel is built on the remnants of a corner building set in the ancient district of Salvador which maintains the nineteenth century charm. The large number of apartments at the hotel are all centrally air-conditioned with well stocked mini-bar, anti-allergic pillows, a running heating water system, state-of-the art fire alarm systems and a well-equipped cable TV system. The hotel provides monogrammed robes and slippers for in-hotel use. The hotel is known for its exquisite room service.

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    Ever heard of a hotel that is referred to as “The House of Old Doors?” Well, this is what the Salvadorians call A Casa das Portas Velhas/A Casa Das Portas Velhas Boutique hotel. An enterprising businessman converted an old and almost-in-ruins town house into a well-designed, luxurious, four-star hotel—a home away from home. Largo da Palma square is a famous area in Salvador, Brazil, since it is surrounded by 19th century architecture. It is in this marvelous location that you find A Casa das Portas Velhas. The hotel has an Airport Shuttle to take you back and forth. There are only two floors, with around 15 rooms in place. They are divided into standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and deluxe suits, based on their highly-varying sizes. There is even a Bridal suite available. The hotel has faithfully stuck to colonial-era decor, which found more favor with the English, but none of that has taken away the elegance or the unique ambience. Even the doors are tastefully decorated throughout the building. Thus, every corner reflects coziness, warmth, and hospitality. The internal and external premises are extremely safe, since smoking is forbidden. In case you are prone to allergies, opt for an allergy-free room. The lift, as well as the elevator, is for those who find the stairs difficult to negotiate. Your room is spacious, and well-equipped with plush furniture that has been tastefully chosen. Amenities that go with the room are—breakfast service that is included with the room price, air conditioning, television set, free 24-hour Internet services that can be accessed via WiFi/Wireless LAN, safety deposit box, an ironing service, a laundry service and 24-hour room service. In case of urgency, even photocopying and fax services are available. Do you require extra space for your luggage? A Casa das Portas Velhas will help you out. Just ask at the 24-hour Front Desk. There is a Tour Desk that provides information on the places you can see. Car rentals can take you to the famous beaches of Salvador. This city boasts of 50 km of shell-shaped beaches that afford a lot of privacy too. It is best to avoid bringing your own transport, since parking facility is not there. A lovely place to relax is the garden restaurant, Aldrava. There are many ways to push thoughts of work away—browse through the objects on display at the in-house shops, read a book borrowed from the in-house library, explore the boutique, sip a drink at the bar, get a body massage, or visit the Jacuzzi. The Italian restaurant, Dionisio offers Mediterranean dishes that can measure up to the best International standards. So go ahead; make this a holiday to remember!


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