Rio 2018 Carnival Free Guide

Rio Carnival can be a very busy time of the year in the city. There are so many activities and events going on throughout the week that it is difficult to keep a track of what is happening. It is best to have a guide on hand so you do not miss out on any of the fun.

The Schedule

Consider getting a schedule for a list of the 2018 events. This way you will know when the Samba Parades will occur at the Sambodrome. The schedule will also list the many balls that’s taking place throughout the city.  There are even block parties and neighborhood parades that can be quite a bit of fun.  These parties are also listed on the calendar of events.

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FAQ Free Carnival Guide 2018

When will the guide be available?
The first version of the guide will be released by December 5th, 2015.

The final version of the guide will be released by January 15th, 2018 when all the street bands and blocs have been reconfirmed by our Carnival experts in Rio de Janeiro.

How Am I going to receive the guides?
A link for download will be send to the email by email by December 5th and January 15th, 2018. The guide will be available in PDF and Word formats, for both MAC and PC.

Why should I sign up in advance to get the guide?
The guide will only be sent to 5,000 emails. We reach this number months before the events. We are working to increase this number for the upcoming 2018 Rio Carnival.

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